Hats On Hats off

Raising Awareness & Forming Smiles

Raising Awareness & Forming Smiles

Raising Awareness & Forming SmilesRaising Awareness & Forming Smiles

Some of Hats on hats OFF Gift Recipients



"While there are many charitable organizations doing great things, Hats On Hats Off is one of the few that actually focus on helping those in need NOW.  By gifting various headware to chemo patients, they are able to form immediate smiles.  Paige’s passion and dedication to this worthy cause is unbridled.  The one-on-one attention she gives each and every patient is a further testament to her passion.  As a cancer patient and recipient, I thank you!"

- Donna



Corinna Lee was diagnosed with Leukemia in May 2019 and has received a Leukemia Awareness Hat and Fun and Funky Wig.  I found her on Instagram and reached out to her.  She has such a great outlook and is an inspiration to others going through this process...



Destiny is currently battling Leukemia while raising her two kids.  She is showing such a great attitude during her battle.  Hats Off was able to gift her with a Leukemia Awareness Hat and a fun and funky wig!! 



Mary was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, a very rare cancer.  She is part of 15% of people diagnosed with this Stage 3 cancer.  She has received a Breast Cancer Awareness Hat and wig.  She has a great mindset and is ready to win this battle! 



Deborah is currently fighting breast cancer and has an amazing attitude while doing it!  She has received a Breast Cancer awareness hat and is in the process of picking out her fun and funky wig!! 



 "I loved my experience with hats on hats off. My favorite go to turban provided free from your organization. Thank you so much for all you do."

- Michelle



Miss Serenity is five years old and was diagnosed with Leukemia.  Her mom reached out and picked out this adorable wig and a pink turban!! In every photo she takes she is always smiling and is full of life!! 



"One of the hardest parts about having cancer for me is looking different from other women. Sadly, being bald is the look of every cancer patient. I don’t want to look like I have cancer. I want to still look beautiful and alive.

Through a friend, I learned of Hats On Hats Off Non Profit Organization. They are a dream come true for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer and have lost their hair. I was very happy when I thought that I was just going to be the gift recipient of a new hat, but I was elated to also be a gift recipient of a new wig of my choice.

Being able to wear a wig that fits my face and my style is very important to my self-esteem and it makes me confident enough to go out amongst  my peers.

Thank you, Hats On Hats Off for this priceless gift!"

-Hope S. Faulknor






"Elena was diagnosed May 2019 with leukemia at 4 years old. We found hats on hats off on Instagram and reached out. Elena loved her long, curly blonde hair before chemo treatments and now thanks to the generosity of Hats On Hats Off she has an adorable pink turban and unicorn head wrap to wear!" 

- Kayla (Elena's Mom)




“We all go through this cancer journey in different ways an it is a difficult path. I am fortunate enough to have family and friends who support me in this. But recently I had a complete stranger step up and help me in ways I never expected. For the past 10 months I’ve been battling TNBC stage 3. My kids have watched their once very active super mom become sicker and sicker. My oldest son got married on October 26th an I didn’t want him to have to also see his mom so sick on his important day. I had friends help me find the perfect dress. Set up makeup appointments an everything else I needed for the day. But I was missing something for my head. I don’t have enough hair growth to not wear anything especially for a wedding. We searched and searched for something to match. Things were either sold out, wrong colors or couldn’t get to me in time. Paige went above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen anyone do for someone they didn’t know. She helped me search through websites. She offered wigs , hats, scarves etc ..  all for free and as you all know none of this is cheap.  In the end I decided on head covers. She overnighted 3 different head covers over the course of a couple weeks until we found the perfect one. Btw I represented us all the day of my sons wedding and wore pink ! Even at the “11th hour” we didn’t think my head cover was going to come in time but it did 24 hours before the wedding because Paige made sure to express it straight to me. There are many organizations out there that “claim” to help BC patients but I can tell you from experience that isn’t always the case. Paige and hatsonhatsoff is and organization that truely goes the extra mile to help women like us. Paige thank you from my heart for helping me make this a memorable day for my son. And thank you for all you do for every single woman like me ❤️“  

- Elizabeth



















Battling Cancer? Going Through Chemo?


Are you or someone you know battling cancer and going through chemo?  Hat's Off would love the opportunity to gift anyone in need a wig, hat, head accessory and/or fun and funky wig!! Please call or message us for details.